Uma grande afirmação


19th - 22nd June

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I revise my yellow for the second solstice to turn it into green

‘’Khamoshiyan gungunane lagi’’

The ability to live safely
between fantasy and reality,
without losing yourself to insanity
is uma grande afirmação.
I’m not feeling too much.
I’m not seeing too much.
I am not too much.
My dreams are valid.
Tane khaki am mikhad yek ham zaban

Bravely moving towards destiny, through the ruins of my dreams. I’m burned by the Truth and raised in the Ash of nostalgia about things, that will had never never happen happened .

Kaligraphing the hums of my foremothers

Is to keep your mouth open

I modify my body and brain out of desire, not pressure; tracking my own orgasmic yes, training my pleasure muscles, my soft and bountiful self aims for abundant care and solid trust. Through the harvests of our imaginations, through our practices of self-ownership, we, shameless emotional powerhouses, walking miracles, we will outreach survival; we will thrive.

Being conscious of the power of our minds over our bodies. Healing starts in our thoughts.

A shameless dance of your throat
Mijn klanken zijn jouw oren

Is finding peace of mind through movement, is trusting yourself. Is knowing that you already have everything you need to be happy.

Die Fähigkeit, sicher zwischen
Fantasie und Realität zu leben, ohne sich dabei im Wahnsinn zu verlieren, ist uma grande afirmação. Ich fühle nicht zu viel. Ich sehe nicht zu viel. Ich bin nicht zu viel. Meine Träume sind berechtigt..
Tane khaki am mikhad yek ham zaban.

Body is fashion
Chance is love

Uma grande afirmação

I put a safety belt on when I accelerate.

Technical producer: Fred Rodrigues; Advising tutors, artists and dramaturges: Keren Levi, Igor Dobričić, Setareh Fatehi; SNDO 2 mentor: Bruno Listopad; SNDO Production and PR coordinator: Stephanie Lühn